What to Do if a Child Has Become Part of a Subculture

1. Show respect 


In the perception of many people, subcultures are associated with bad habits and socially dangerous behavior. Such stereotypes make it difficult to see the real benefits of such groups. In fact, people in them are united by common interests: love for certain areas in art, passion for technology, special hobbies. This allows you to find like-minded people and not feel lonely. Does your child like a certain subculture? Try to treat his wishes with respect. Even if it causes you inner anxiety. By showing it to a teenager, you are likely to create a barrier of misunderstanding between you. Just understand that now this is what makes your child happy.


2. Show interest 


Most often, such hobbies take place over several years (remember your own experience), but you should not tell the child that he is wasting his time. Better try to support him. Of course, you should not join any groups yourself, do not violate the personal boundaries of a teenager. You can ask leading or direct questions about the activities of the group, about their idols. If the child starts a conversation by himself, maintain communication so that he understands that you care (you will learn about how to talk to a teenager in our article). When a teenager moves away from you, don't push. Try to casually demonstrate that you can be a good conversationalist, if necessary. Give your child an album of a musical group or a T-shirt with a picture of a favorite character, a book that may be interesting. This will show that you are not worth avoiding.


3. Observe the behavior from the outside  


Given the peculiarities of age, it is not difficult to understand that many teenagers do not want to share something with the adult generation at all. Therefore, your observation will be useful. That's what you need to pay attention to first:


sudden mood swings of the child for no apparent reason; 


behavior in the family circle; 


sleep and rest; 


changes in appetite or weight; 


problems with school performance.


If any of this really causes you concerns and anxiety, do not immediately put pressure on the child. It is normal for teenagers to sometimes experience a bad mood or sleep problems. But if the problems continue for several weeks, talk to the child. The reason may be that he is under pressure from peers who condemn his hobby. In this case, you may even need the help of a psychologist.


4. Encourage other interests of the child  


If a teenager has already become part of some subculture, most likely, he will have a characteristic hobby. Pay attention to him and offer to enroll in the appropriate section where you can deepen your knowledge on this topic: learn to play musical instruments, draw, sew clothes, do programming or master any hobby that only comes to your mind (for example, saberfighting or crossfit). 


At this age, children usually have a lot of energy, so it is very important to direct it in the most favorable direction. It will also help you decide on your vocation and gradually turn your hobby into a future profession. Show your child that all the doors are open in front of him, so you should not focus only on one thing.


5. Trust the child's choice 


Try not to think of teenagers as inexperienced and ignorant youngsters in life. Such an attitude will not only alienate your child, but also, most likely, will drag you into a pool of delusions. If a child has chosen some style close to him, is seriously interested in something, he will not necessarily get into a dangerous situation or bad company. Remember your own youth. Perhaps you or your friends belonged to a subculture or a youth group. If you were able to get through it, then your son or daughter will also cope, and all sorts of fears almost always have nothing to do with reality.


6. Watch themed movies together 


A good movie will tell an interesting story of both an individual and a group as a whole. Show the children "Storming Woodstock", "Careless Rider", "Hooligans of Green Streets" and other interesting films. They investigate the phenomenon of a particular subculture and show that there is nothing abnormal in the strangest interests. Of course, if they do not harm others. 


It is important for parents to understand that a teenager's belonging to a subculture is connected with the study of who he is. Remember that this is a useful life experience that gives the child the opportunity to get acquainted with new values and independently decide how they are consistent with his views on life. Therefore, keep calm and be ready to support the child in any of his endeavors.


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