What to do if you have been dumped without a reason

Why do people walk away in silence?

There are many reasons why a person might go for it. Here are a few of the most common ones.

He simply stops liking you. The most likely reason for a person to disappear from your life: he no longer wants to continue a relationship with you. This may seem obvious, but more often than not, this is the case. Maybe you liked your partner more than he liked you, or the relationship happened at the wrong time, or the right chemistry didn't arise, or you said the wrong thing - who knows? Sometimes you don't have to look for complicated reasons, everything can happen according to a trivial scenario.

Your partner is afraid of commitment. Or maybe it was the opposite: the person really liked you and maybe he even thought that he loved you, and the power of emotions became irresistible. Maybe he was afraid to get close, fearing that it will end in heartbreak.

He met someone else. You may have liked your missing partner, and he was interested in a relationship with you, but he may have met someone who could interest him more. It could have been an ex who decided to come back, or a friend who turned into a lover.

It was just a game. Perhaps a cruel game is being played with you, the essence of which is to ignore you until you almost lose hope and then suddenly show up. Such dynamics in a relationship easily throw you out of psychological balance and allow the manipulating partner to maintain control over you.

The person is simply very busy. It may be that your friend is not missing at all because of you. Perhaps there were some urgent matters that do not allow you to respond to your calls and messages. Perhaps there were some personal problems, such as money or health. Of course, this option is easy to rule out if you watch this person online every day.


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