What tokens do my crypto portfolio consist of?

What tokens do my crypto portfolio consist of?


#ETH - It's just waiting for updates and a complete switch to POS. My firm goal is $10,000. It's hard to talk about growth when commissions are this high. If this problem is solved, the shot would be powerful. (But you know, sometimes it happens that while some solve a problem, others (Binance) take over the world!) Nokia used to be the top phone, but where are they now? Of course, Binance has one catch that BSC is not that decentralized, so eventually people will go in the direction of decentralization and whether it will be ETH that will solve the scaling problems or Binance that will become fully decentralized after all is unknown! But one thing I know for sure, Binance knows everything beforehand and thought over this moment in any case, that's why in my portfolio I have the same amount of $ETH and $BNB (In dollar equivalent) 


#BNB - base, the basis for all LP pools at BSC. The main growth, as far as I am concerned, the token has already shown (from $15 to $680). My targets are $1,000, $1,500, $3,000. Consequently, buying BNB now - you can not expect millions, the edge of x5. But there is a plus here, owning BNB gives the opportunity to farm at a good rate, so all relative! 


#CAKE - At first - I had my doubts, now they do not. Pancake is the Pope in the DEX world. All exchangers take liquidity from PancakeSwap rather than creating their own pools. I have a hunch that CAKE mining will eventually be reduced to the maximum minimum. After all, initially, this mining should encourage people to provide liquidity, but when Pancake no longer has a problem with it, they may turn into the same UniSwap, where people give liquidity and do not farm UNI, earn only from commissions. Of course, this won't happen in the midst of the era of farming with huge returns, but nothing lasts forever and when the whole farming theme starts to choke, then you can think about the fact that PancakeSwap mining will be oooh very difficult. My attitude to CAKE, as an exchange token, is essentially that. If you compare it to the price and cap of UNI, where the turnover is much less, then CAKE should do at least x5. 


#TWT is $5.10 solid. Here are some tokens that I am confident and can take full responsibility for my words. Don't expect to get rich in 2-3 months, accumulate and hit longstock. Rejoice in every drop - this is an opportunity to save up more and increase your position. Rejoice that it is not growing - this is an opportunity to accumulate while quietly. You know when 80% of the audience starts asking "Is it worth it to take TWT ?" when it's $5+ it always does. 


And finally, the tokens, which at the time of shooting off should show themselves the best. I buy them more actively:




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