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Lambretta V200 – Lambretta V-Special series of scooter are the first fresh designs from the iconic Lambretta marque in nearly five decades. It will lead with three displacements, 50cc, 125cc and 200cc. Of these the latter two are expected to make it to the Indian market, with the 125 being the obvious choice to start with. The V200 Special will be the range top and serve as a halo model for the brand.


Lambretta V-200 has been development in association with KISKA design home. It sports a semi-monologue chassis, and although we thought the fixed fender looks cool, the ‘flex’ fender (which moves from side to side along with the front wheel). The features list includes LED lamps, a 12V chartering, and an LCD instrument panel with the speedo the only analogue bit as a nod back to its predecessors. Bluetooth connection will also be available.

The Lambretta V200 is a vintage-inspired scooter with retro style and modern performance. It has a good speed for travel up . The V200 also features an easy-to-use keyless start, automatic brake, and LED headlight for safety while riding at night or in dark environments. Other features include front and rear suspension, adjustable handlebars, and a wide range of colors to choose from. If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired scooter that is modern and performs at a top level, then the Lambretta V200 is the perfect choice.


The V200 will easily scooters along at 80-90km/h all day. A fun small classic looking scooter to cruise around on. There are slight vibes in the 60km/h range, but they are not annoying or intrusive. Aside from that the Lambretta is silky smooth. For those looking for practicality, two storage compartments and a luggage hook will be available as well. The V200 best has a 200cc air-cooled single cylinder engine that generates 12bhp. It also gets disc brakes at both ends, which is a feature that isn’t seen yet on an Indian scooter.

Lambretta V200 Features

Lambretta V200 scooter is the fresh trendy yet classy design and retro old school style elements with attractive looking retro style LED headlamp setup, retro-style chrome finishing rear view mirror with retro style body elements give the more retro looks in the scooter. The new scooter equipped with a new powerfully engine with a fuel injection system which ensuring they also improve the performances and fuel efficiency in the scooter.

Lambretta V200 Brakes & Suspensions

This version has all the styling of the latest models with the luxury of modern power, brakes, suspension, electrics and finish and it still turns heads everywhere, just like a restored original. Under the bodywork is a steel frame with a single shock rear end, telescopic front forks and a single-cylinder, 169cc air-cooled fuel injected engine driving the 12in rear wheel via a silky smooth CVT drive. The brakes are generous, with a 226mm rotor and twin-piston caliper up the front and a 220mm rotor at the rear. The front wheel is 12in and the brakes are ABS equipped. The tyres are good quality Pirelli Angel Scooter hoops, a 110 at the front and a 120 at the rear.

Lambretta V200 Range & Speed

Top speed is claimed to be 100km/h but I could not get past 95km/h. I’m 100kg in gear though. The V200 will easily scoot along at 80-90km/h all day. It’s just that last 5-10km/h that is a battle and hills do knock the pace back, some steeper ones saw speed drop by up to 15-20km/h on my test day. There are slight vibes in the 60km/h range but they are not annoying or intrusive. Aside from that the Lambretta is silky smooth. The mirrors don’t vibrate but they are a bit low and at 187cm tall, I had to hunch down to get a look in them.



Lambretta V200 Pri

The Lambretta V200 is a stylish and fast scooter that’s perfect for commuting. At launch, it will be available at an introductory price of Rs 1,00,000 to 1,30,000. lakh .  It’s perfect for riding in any part of India. It’s easy to handle and can accommodate riders of all levels. It comes with a variety of features, like automatic throttle control and reverse gear. Plus, it has a stylish and sleek design that will make you stand out on the streets. So, if you’re looking for a fast and stylish way to commute, the Lambretta V200 is the perfect scooter for you


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