What We Will Wear in Spring-2022: Results of Paris Fashion Week

Dior takes color 


The presentation of the legendary French brand this season was like a bright kaleidoscope. An amazing riot of colors and an unusual way of serving — that's what we were all passionate about. Dior relies on a bright palette: green, yellow, blue, and, of course, white. The brand seems to refer us to the bright aesthetic revolution of the 1960s in Europe. The models held the show not on the usual podium, but on a specially created rotating platform, over which disco balls shone. It turned out really unforgettable.



The most unusual models from Balenciaga 


Balenciaga approached the presentation of their collection as creatively as possible. They created a special video based on the animated series "The Simpsons", the heroes of which became the main models of the brand. The fashion house has dressed up the yellow men in their luxurious outfits. So, Marge gets a luxurious gold dress with lush shoulders from designers, little Lisa gets a red fitted dress with a lush hem, and Homer is dressed in a recognizable voluminous red jacket. In general, this approach made a strong impression on the audience.



The Grand Balmain Show 


The presentation of the famous fashion house has become truly large-scale. The brand staged a two-day show, which included a grand concert combined with a collection show. They set the bar high for the Balmain evening already with the opening: the audience saw a touching video message from singer Beyonce, immediately after which Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni appeared on the podium. But the fashion house did not stop there either: the singer Doja Cat, the band Franz Ferdinand and others turned out to be invited musicians. There was a lot of gold in the show itself, a lot! It turned out to be a luxurious show that will definitely go down in fashion history.



Well-forgotten old from Chanel


 The legendary fashion house for the upcoming season confirmed the key influence of the 90s on our culture. The show was remembered by the audience mainly with a series of black and white swimsuits. Chanel models are screaming: "Vintage is still in fashion, and there's nothing you can do about it!". But we have nothing against it — it looks elegant and at the same time spectacular.


Psychedelic Heels Lewa Shoes


Loewe has become the highlight of the new collection. The audience could not take their eyes off the bizarre shapes that the designers gave to the heels of the brand's shoes. Especially everyone remembered a bottle of nail polish, a broken egg and festive candles. Of course, they caused a serious stir, now many people dream of such heels.



The past Fashion Week in Paris inspires a sense of optimism. The world is beginning to gradually return to the "doc-like" rhythm of life, guests come to watch the show live, finally forgetting about the virtual format, and fashion houses are only happy to surprise them. We will look forward to the new season!


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