What Will Bathrooms Look Like in the Future?

Home automation has abruptly and quickly brought the future into our own homes, from voice-controlled virtual assistants to app-controlled thermostats. The way we interact with our surroundings, including private spaces like our restrooms, will probably only become more and more futuristic as technology advances. Some people may find the idea of having a personal life that is so heavily digitized unsettling, while others believe that this trend can improve not only comfort but health and safety as well. Here are some of the technologies that we want to see in bathrooms in the future.



One of the most representative technologies of the envisioned future bathroom is the smart mirror. In this futuristic idea, you may be reading the news, checking the weather, or watching TV in the mirror in front of you while doing something as easy as brushing your teeth or drying your hair. Some people even think that the smart mirror will be able to keep tabs on the user's health and communicate important information to the user's doctor, alerting professionals to any potential health issues and removing the need for a physical visit to the doctor's office.


As absurd as it may appear, the smart mirror has already been implemented in some form  For instance, Seura's Smart Display Mirror turns the typical bathroom vanity into a digital center that can show email, the weather, the calendar, and more. Versions of the health-monitoring mirror that are even more compact already exist, such as HiMirror, which evaluates a user's skin condition and offers suggestions for maximizing the use of skincare products. Another item, the simplehuman sensor mirror, provides a variety of illumination options so you can see how your makeup looks in any circumstance.


Tubs and Showers


Future showers and bathtubs have been envisioned in a wide variety of ways, including intelligent showers that inform you when you run low on shower supplies, water-saving showers and baths, and ones that use aromatherapy to reduce stress. Some of these already exist, such as the Digital Recirculating Shower from Orbital Systems, which promises to save up to 90% water and up to 80% energy while purifying, reheating, and recirculating a few litersthem of water in a closed loop. The U by Moen Smart Shower, on the other hand, is a voice-activated, digital shower with the ability to remember temperature presets and switch them on remotely. And Seura has created a waterproof TV for you as well if you wish to watch TV while swimming or taking a shower.




Although the bidet is a standard feature in Japan, the rest of the globe hasn't fully adopted it to its full extent. Everyone has a bidet, replete with seat-warming capabilities and cleaning jets, in our future conception of the bathroom. Sustainable toilets that utilize the least amount of water are a natural topic of discussion, and some people have even suggested toilets that analyze their contents to monitor user health. The Numi toilet from Kohler is an existing product with heated foot warmers, Bluetooth audio streaming, and ambient lighting.


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