What words a man wants to hear from a woman

"It's okay." The point is that not all men have absolute confidence in themselves. And sometimes there are doubts about different situations. Then it is important to hear from a woman close to you "this is normal. For example, a man cries during a movie. He may even think he has lost respect from the woman. So it's important to hear those words here. 


A man wants to hear it in moments of doubt. Another example, age comes in, a man gains weight, maybe turns gray, and so on. Lots of different manifestations of age. And here, too, the man wants to hear "this is normal." After all, some men take these things very painfully. Examples abound. 


"Everything will work out" and "keep doing it." That is, words of encouragement. This is especially important for those men who are doing something. Opened his own business, want to make money from his hobby or just want to play sports. In any business, you need support. And words of encouragement from a woman, it's super important. It's a pity not everyone understands this. 


A man is a car. It can go at one speed. And a woman changes gears with her words. That is, makes the car go faster or quieter. If the woman says it won't work, then the car goes quieter. And when the woman is supportive, the car can reach unprecedented speeds. 


"We're fine" and "I love you." The bottom line is that women feel better about themselves inside the relationship. And the man sometimes may not fully understand what's going on in the relationship. Is everything good? Does the woman love? And so on. What the man wants to hear is that all is well. 


That he doesn't have to think about what's going on in the relationship. He just wants to enjoy the relationship, the marriage. Without unnecessary stress. After all, some women may say that things are bad, that divorce is coming soon, and so on. Such things take away the peace of mind. It is clear that you have to be honest with the man, first of all. 


One way or another, a man wants to hear that everything is fine. If everything is really good, it is better to remind him of that.


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