What would happen if the Earth began to rotate in reverse?

What will happen?

The momentum of rotation forms the ocean and atmospheric currents, which means that a sharp change of direction will provoke huge tsunamis and hurricane winds with speeds of over 500 km/h, lifting everything and everyone into the air. Naturally, it will be impossible to survive in such conditions, and the globe will turn to hurricane territory. The Earth will be immersed in a dense fog consisting of debris of houses, cars, dust and dirt regardless of the climate zone.


But these are not the only consequences. The inevitable shifting of the tectonic plates will provoke powerful earthquakes of magnitude 9 or higher, as well as volcanic eruptions. The boiling lava will cover most of the land, leaving no chance for survival.


The usual biosphere will also be transformed. The nature of the Earth will never be the same again, and climatic conditions for all continents will change dramatically. Displacement of deserts and severe climatic conditions will take place. Humans will not be able to adapt to such changes. As a consequence, human development will be halted and biobacteria will remain the only possible form of life on the planet.

Active tectonic activity and hurricane winds will significantly increase the temperature at the poles. This means that the entire glacial mass will melt, increasing the water level in the world's oceans by 60 meters. In the process of adapting to new conditions, the Earth will gradually "cool down", but it will take tens of years.

Part of the surface matter of the planet will simply go into outer space, which in the future will cause many years of meteorite storms.

In addition, the usual pattern of movement of the celestial luminaries will change. The sun will rise from the west and set in the east.

It is safe to conclude that a strong blow, which affects the trajectory of the planet, simply will destroy life in the form to which we are accustomed.

Another scenario

Researchers, concerned about the hypothetical model of the new movement, are confident that such terrible consequences can be avoided if the planet smoothly changes course. In such a development, changes will only affect climatic conditions. Also, the seasons will change in a mirror reflection.

It is possible that many people will prefer to move to more comfortable territories. But in general, nothing global will happen.

Still, it would be better for any of these fantastic scenarios to remain a scientific assumption. After all, this has never happened in the history of life on Earth.


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