What years are considered the happiest in life, the scientist found out

Scientists have found out which years of life people consider the best. The study used information about the period that people remember as the happiest in their lives, TengriMIX reported.


Spanish researcher Begoña Alvarez studied data from a Sharelife survey conducted in 13 European countries among people aged 50 and older and built his statistical model. The scientist concluded that in almost all countries, older people said the happiest period in their lives was between the ages of 30 and 34.


"Using this information, I create a longitudinal data set covering the entire life span of the respondents. The probability of living the happiest year in their lives at each age is estimated using logistic regression with conditional fixed effects," Alvarez explained in his study.


He noted that in hindsight, the average age of a person is not considered the least/happiest period in life. 


According to the study, a minority of respondents felt that the happiest period in their lives was before the age of 25-30, after which the probability of a positive response rises sharply and then gradually decreases again.


At the same time, the researcher noted that in Southern European countries a person becomes more unhappy after the 40-year threshold, while in Northern and Western Europe the level of happiness also decreases, but in general remains relatively stable.


He also noted that few older Europeans remember their childhood as the happiest period in their lives (even those who did not survive the war years).


In addition, the expert found that the level of happiness is almost unrelated to the level of well-being of the country in which one lives, as well as personal wealth. But a very strong correlation was revealed between the level of happiness and such events as the creation of a family or the birth of a child.


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