What you need to do to stop worrying before an important meeting or presentation

What you need to do to stop worrying before an important meeting or presentation.

The body is a great conduit for the emotions we are experiencing. Regardless of how well we know how to control ourselves, our body gives out its state with the slightest movements, gestures and postures. The same rule works in the opposite direction: if a person out of habit assumes closed postures, he begins to feel insecure and in the most welcoming atmosphere.

Feel like a star in front of a stressful situation

To quickly pump up your self-confidence before an upcoming job interview or important business meeting, all you have to do is raise your hands up as if you were bathed in applause after a speech.

Of course, you should not do so at the event itself, but in a more private place - in the bathroom or the stairwell, for example. Psychologists believe that just two minutes in this position will help to get strength even before the most stressful upcoming event.

Build self-confidence with the "boss pose"

To get a job easily and easily, during an important job interview, try putting your hand on the back of your chair and leaning back slightly. It is believed that this pose maximizes the confidence of the person in himself and his powers, and also helps him look like a real boss.

Get a burst of energy in 1 second

The task of making yourself smile may seem impossible at difficult moments, but it's actually not a mission that's impossible. To get an instant boost of self-confidence at an important moment, try sitting up straight and sticking your chest out. Such a tip can help during an unpleasant phone call or a serious conversation.

To feel the invisible thread in yourself

It is difficult to notice the makings of a leader in a person who, with his hands crossed over his chest and his head down, is trying to win the favor of a colleague or manager. It is this posture that tells others about your complexes and insecurities. To make your body think differently, try a confident pose: sit comfortably and imagine that an invisible thread runs through your body, lifting you up.

Feel like a superhero for a moment

When you're stressed, sometimes you just want to put your hand on your neck. For a moment, it may even seem as if it is a calming gesture, giving a sense of security. However, the gesture is the first thing that reveals to an experienced interlocutor our inner feelings. Another pose has the opposite effect, which will help to reduce stress levels. During an important or not very important conversation, recall the crown pose of the main character of the movie "Wonder Woman", then put your hands on your hips and stand so that your feet are at their width. To enhance the effect, lift your chin up.

Allow yourself to actively gesture

Using active gestures can also add a few points to our self-confidence. For example, it is easier for open-minded people to express their emotions with gestures and facial expressions appropriate to the situation. However, confident body movements should not be confused with nervous tics, fiddling with hair and shirt buttons, and pointless pacing back and forth - all this will only emphasize the discomfort you are experiencing.

Take a "dominant" pose

If your job requires you to often speak in public or give presentations, at the final part of the event, stand in front of your colleagues and lean slightly in their direction. Psychologists believe that this position has a tinge of dominance, shows your high interest in the project, and therefore helps to impress the interlocutor.

Allow yourself to take up more space

A huddled and stiff person can easily give away his inner state and the fact that he sometimes tries to literally "merge" with the place on which he sits. This is because insecure people are looking for a foothold, which could take hold or hide in case of "danger".
However, to get rid of the "bad habit" is not very difficult: try to stand more often with your feet at shoulder width or sit with your feet firmly planted on the ground. This non-verbal gesture will show others the firmness of your character and that you are not afraid to be noticed in your space.

A few ways to express interest

If a group of people is engrossed in a conversation, their feet will always point toward the person they are interested in or see as the leader. The same rule works in the opposite direction: when someone wishes to get out of an unpleasant conversation, their feet will be pointed away from the group or toward the exit from the room.

This same principle can also be used consciously. In situations where it is important for you to show your interest and enthusiasm, try to sit next to the person you are talking to so that you have the opportunity to direct your feet in their direction. It is believed that this position will help you establish a closer connection with the other person.


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