What your Lipstick reveal about your personality?

     Have you ever wondered why you can tell so much about a person just by looking at them?

    The choices we make before leaving the house each day can hold much more meaning than we might think.

So let's start ...

1. Bright Red 

    Bright red lips are all about making a bold statement. This color projects a confidence and self-assuredness to the world....If you subconsciously choose bright red lipstick, you are showing the world that you are a passionate being. ...You enjoy being admired, and you don't mind if others see your sensual side. For those who lack boldness and confidence, red lipstick can help transform you from a quiet wallflower into a more powerful version of yourself.

2. Mauve

     Mauve is seen as a softer shade of purple. This lip shade suggests a sense of power and luxury, but with a hint of mystery. You're a strong and confident woman who isn't afraid to show off your sophisticated style. You love the sense of femininity the soft purple gives off, but love the sense of wonder you portray even more. You aren't afraid to take charge, in fact you secretly love it, and your sense of style reflects it.

3. Violet

      As a wearer of violet lipstick, you're very loyal and often the go-to person when one of your friends needs help. You always know the right thing to do and say in any situation. You're the mediator and the confidant because of your calm nature and ability to think rationally about everything. These two qualities also make you successful in your career. Although you may be calm in nature, you know when to fight back and stick up for your loved ones.

4. Plum

     Plum lips certainly jump out in a crowd, as wearers of this shade definitely don’t shy from the spotlight. Wearers of this shade give off a sexy sense of confidence and won’t back down from a challenge. Plum-colored lips also indicate a unique sense of style, as women rocking this hue don’t mind being set apart from the crowd.

5. Nude

     Women who go with a nude lip may be on the shy side, but are extremely warm and caring once they open up. Although they put effort into their appearance, this choice of lip color indicates they want to be taken seriously. 

6. Pink

     Bright pink indicates someone who is free-spirited, bright, brave, friendly and adventurous. Decidedly feminine yet bold and sure, you’ll exude both confidence and playfulness with this lipstick look.

7. Orange

   Even though orange looks fun and bouncy, it’s not really an easy colour to pull off for everyone. If you gravitate towards this palette, you’re likely to be carefree, wild, vivacious, whimsical, energetic and adventurous. You don’t mind standing out in a crowd and easily throw caution to the winds.

8. No lipstick (or maybe just a clear lip gloss)!

     You look like you don’t care… because you really don’t. You are fuss free, low maintenance and are cool without caring to be cool. You are a leader rather than a follower, and just want to get on with life!

9. Browns and Taupes

    Brown is an extremely earthly colour. Brown lip shades portray one as being composed, dependable as well as having a romantic nostalgia for one’s past. Just like Mother Nature, wearing brown or taupe lip shades tell that one has a very powerful side which one is not afraid to use. These colours make one seem warm, comfortable, earthly as well as earthly and dependable. The subtle hint of colour is an expression of one’s interest in being natural and low-key.

10. Chapsticks/Lip Balm

There are women who choose to spot natural lips and would not be caught dead in any lip product that isn’t a chapstick or a lip balm. These women are serious, practical, driven women and not to be toyed with.

     So guys, With an idea of the personalities attached to each of these lipstick colours, it’s time to look into one’s makeup bag, get to know one’s most used lipstick shades and what those shades say about you. While not all personalities may be applicable, at least one of them should be right.


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