Whats a Jessica metode!!!

Jessica method (English) Method which has the meaning of a method, so method is jessica, not jessica iskandar :v artist. .the jessica method is a method where we create imaginary friends that can be created from a super-conscious state where we can make our own jessica through the image of the super-conscious nature which will later be applied to the jessica that we will make, such as making the shape of her appearance and .his special ability.

The inventor of Jessica Method Master Saiful Anam, she is an expert Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Teacher, Personal Development Mentor, Subconscious Potential Researcher and author of 4 Smart Hours of Hypnosis and Easy Positive Thinking.


.referred to as the Jessica Method because in the first experiment conducted by volunteers who were used for the trial, they named their Imagination Friends with the name Jessica. This is inspired by the name of the artist Jessica Alba.


.actually, since childhood, we have had our own jessica and this is usually more than one Jessica, Like the example of a small child talking to himself. There are two possible imaginary or astral companions. But what I'm discussing this time is a friend of the imagination.


.According to the inventor himself, the super-conscious state is a condition in which the body is more sensitive to surrounding sensory stimuli.


.Many people think that Jessica is a genie, but the truth is that she is misunderstood, because Jessica herself is actually produced by our own imagination, by entering a super-conscious state. This has nothing to do with shirk let alone mushrik.


.jessica is very obedient to the owner, can be ordered or controlled by the owner in full. Unlike the jinn, when ordered, it is difficult and even always wants to enter the body, and dominate the body of the owner. Jessica herself can be touched/held, felt, and seen.


.jessica can be called with eyes open or eyes closed, that's if you have mastered the superconscious. You can make Jessica free what she wants, just choose. .like CM2 (Custom Maid 2) is an application for editing 3D anime, that's out of topic, haha, don't get me wrong, this is for those of you who want to find visual material if you want to make your Jessica. .like me, I look for the visuals through the app, Custom Maid 2, remember and apply. You can also look for other visual materials, such as artist photos or Doraemon anime cartoons, so that when you want to make your Jessica, you are no longer confused, because you already got a clear visual earlier. .but you are prohibited from making like, devils ( mba kunti, kucluk kucluk or others in this category), angels, gods, gods or the like which are prohibited..


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