WhatsApp beta users are losing their old chats due to new a bug


  • WhatsApp beta bug is preventing users from accessing their old chats.
  • Users reported that after he recent update to WhatsApp beta, they lost their chats.
  • A loading icon appears but does not work when you try to load the chat.

If you are a WhatsApp Beta user and have not been able to read your older messages, do not fret as this could be due to a bug. Several users have reported that after the recent update to WhatsApp beta, they were unable to see their older chats that took place before the update was downloaded. Users said that they could only see the last 25 messages and not beyond that.

As per an Android Central reporter, the bug prevents users from seeing older messages on the messaging app. A loading icon appears but does not work when you try to load the chat. However, the report revealed that users were able to find their older messages in the search bar. Several WhatsApp beta users reported the bug on Reddit. They said, the bug was only limited to their phones and they could access their old chats on WhatsApp Web. However, some users were not able to see their old messages on either platform.

A WhatsApp beta user wrote, “ I'm experiencing this bug on the latest version of the WhatsApp beta v2.21.16.9. I've enrolled in the deviceless WhatsApp web. Recently, scrolling up in any chat causes an infinitely loading spinner instead of loading the remainder of the chat.” Users also reported that they had to search words related to a chat to access old messages.

Many had also tried re-installing the app but that did not change anything. It is happening because of a bug in the Android beta app. So if you are beta users, you can switch to the stable mode to get access to your older messages.

On a related note, WhatsApp finally rolled out the new View Once feature. The feature was long-anticipated and is borrowed from Snapchat. The view once mode automatically deletes the photo or video after the recipient opens it. However, it is important to turn on the view once mode before sending a disappearing message. The features come with lots of caveats. It doesn’t have a screenshot detection mode, meaning the app will not notify you if the receiver takes a screenshot of your view once video or photo. Similarly, the media can also be recorded using a screen recorder. So as a safety measure, WhatsApp has only advised its users to send view once media to trusted contacts only.


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