WhatsApp community. Learn how to use it to send messages to 22,000 individuals at once.

Today's successful brands recognize the value of strategic two-way communication with their target audiences.

Consumers today are no longer focused solely on a company's product or price. Instead, they place more emphasis on the information they receive. Interestingly, more than 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for excellent customer service. They will leave you if you are not able to give them the best possible support.

In addition, you must be easily accessible. That's why using multiple channels is just as important!

Dealing with every one of the various channels while guaranteeing that a similar degree of client care is given through each can be very challenging.

Where a faster response is needed, WhatsApp plays its role.

WhatsApp has various benefits;

It is easier to use

It's cheaper cost wise

Clear visual communication

Automation of responses

Modern and flexible

Share multimedia easily and speedily

The popular messaging site WhatsApp has finally released a feature that has been in the news for the past year and has been in the works.

 New feature; WhatsApp community

This feature is called WhatsApp Community. The option for this feature will be displayed at the top left corner of the main WhatsApp chat screen for Android users, while it will be displayed at the bottom of the main chat screen for iPhone users. And those users who don't have this feature should update their WhatsApp immediately.

 There are more details about this exciting feature.

Where will the WhatsApp community feature appear?

Click this option to view groups and chats in communities; this feature is also available on PC. This feature will benefit those who run or intend to run their own business rather than the average user.

What is the advantage of the WhatsApp community feature?

Initially, you could add 256 members to a WhatsApp group, then WhatsApp increased this limit to 512 and a few days ago the number of members again increased to 1024. You can add 1024 people within a single WhatsApp group and similarly you can add 22 groups within a WhatsApp community and likewise so you can add 22 thousand people to one community and send messages at the same time. This is the biggest advantage of this feature.

How does the WhatsApp Community feature work?

To create a WhatsApp community, users need to click on the Community tab and then click on the Start Community button. Enter your community name and details along with your profile picture. You will then enter the community window. You then need to enter the name of your community and below that give details about which category it belongs to such as family groups, school groups of friends, etc.


Then you have to insert any profile picture of your choice and this will create the WhatsApp community feature. According to the report, WhatsApp communities will be a great place where group administrators will have more control over groups on the platform.


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