When is Minecraft 1.18 coming out and what is being added in this version?

Initially it was planned to release the update in the summer of 2021. But at the beginning of June, the developers decided to split the Caves & Cliffs update into two parts. While the authors have not announced the exact date, but it seems that the main innovations still have a lot of work. 


First of all it concerns the new generation of the world, which we will talk about a little later. Blocks in mountains and caves will soon appear according to different rules, while the authors want to leave the already created worlds of players unchanged. Because of this 1.18 for Minecraft will be released at the end of the year, most likely in mid-December 2021.


World generation and new biomes in Minecrat 1.18

The new version will have a smoother landscape, but at the same time the height difference in some places will be larger. The lowest depth in the world will be -64 blocks on the Y axis, after which will be located Deepslate (a so-called shale layer). At the same time, some mountains will become one and a half times higher. 


It is also assumed that the developers will be working on the generation of ore and different types of stone. Recently the Minecraft developers have shared new prototype of ore generation, but it is possible that it will be changed before the release date.


New biomes in the mountains.

The update is called "Caves and Rocks," and it is these parts of the Minecraft world that are the focus of the major changes. For example, the mountains will be divided into five biomes, which will consist of different blocks depending on the height (Y-axis). It is expected that the height of the mountains as a whole will also be increased from 140 to 225.


Mountain Meadows / Mountain Meadow are found at heights of 100 to 140 blocks, you can find bushes of sweet berries and flowers on them.


Mountain Grove is about the same (110-140), but covered in snow. Rabbits and polar bears can be found here. Small spruces grow on the slopes.


Snowy Slopes / Snowy Slopes - the only biome in the mountains at an altitude of 140 to 170. Consists of snow and ice, this area is home to goats.


High Peaks / Lofty Peaks and Snow Capped Peaks will be at an altitude of 170+. Biomes are generated only if the mountain is high enough. The difference is that the former are made up of rock and ice, while the latter are made up of snow. It depends on whether the terrain near the rocks is warm or cold.


New caves and biomes

At the same time, the caves will be completely redesigned and can now occur up to Y=-59. At the same time, old caves are planned to be mixed with the new generation and improved without any problems for players.


Caves in 1.18 can consist of two types of stone (normal stone and deep shale), their content depends on the height. It is assumed that the caves will become more diverse, can be water or lava (no longer dependent on the depth). And, of course, new biomes.


Gloomy depths / Deep Dark - a new kind of cave biome, which is interesting first of all for the new Warden. Consists of shale, can be located at an altitude of -1 to -64 on the Y axis. So far nothing more is known about this area, but it is possible that Mojang is preparing new surprises for the players.


Lush Caves have been beloved by Minecraft players even before the release. If caves usually look gloomy, then this underground biome seems quite cozy and looks just fine. The walls and floor are covered with moss, and you can also find vines and claystones. Often there is a water body spawned in such caves. 


In lush caves, you can also find axolotnias, friendly aquatic mobs that only spawn in underground bodies of water. 


Karst Cave / Dripstone Cave is another beautiful biome, although it brings mainly graphic variety to the cave world of Minecraft. Such caves contain stalactites and stalagmites, which consist of dripstones.


New Mob in Caves & Cliffs part 2

A new hostile mob will be spawned in the biome of the murky depths. The Guardian / Warden is completely blind, but is able to react to the movements of players and other mobs, trying to attack them when possible. He can be distracted with a snowball or an arrow, it is possible to sneak past. At the same time, Warden does not react if it chases the player for too long. Invis doesn't help either.


Looks quite scary and voluminous (3.5 blocks, it's one of the biggest monsters in the game), in addition, when approaching him the screen will fade regardless of the light sources. Inflicts as much as 30 units of damage (15 hearts), players in non-green armor will lose 7 hitpoints. The authors admitted that they deliberately made too strong mob, so that even experienced players avoid meeting with him.


In the habitat of Warden will appear Skulk Sensors. New sensors will use the same mechanics as the mobs themselves, reacting to nearby vibrations. Wireless signal transmission can be used in various mechanisms, which should make them more interesting and easier.


New blocks and items in Minecraft 1.18 

The next version of the game will also bring several new blocks and items. So far we only know about some of them. Sculk blocks will be found in Deep Dark biome, and judging by the official video, they are used in red stone schemes.


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