Where Can you Write Articles and Get Paid Daily?

Writing articles, short stories, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction are the most dominant opportunities over the internet today for a lot of people to make passive incomes. This is because these fields don’t require any special qualifications, GPA, IQ, or grade. As much as you have the idea, skill, and a good mastery of the English language in Grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, you are qualified for this job or business despite your location. You might be a freelance who loves to monetize his/her skills in writing articles, journals, news, and poetry and you are looking for the best online platform you can write and be paid daily, I recommend you to Smashoid, otherwise http://www.Smashoid.com. 

How does Smashoid work, and why it is the best platform to start your career as a writer?

Smashoid is not only for new beginner writers but also for intermediate and expert writers. Once you desire to start up a writing career on Smashoid. Smashoid doesn’t ask you for any qualification or level of experience. You just need to have a good mastery of how to write good and original articles that are void of any grammatical errors, and virgin articles that have never been published before. On the writer platform page, there is a Grammarly checker and a plagiarism checker to check your work and make it ready for publication. Smashoid doesn’t impose on the writer what to write or a given time limit. You can choose your niche amongst many niches, or you can write on any niche you choose to, at any time you wish. Smashoid also gives you an open hand to follow them on Facebook and Twitter and get trending topics to write on. Some of the niches Smashoid has freely offered for any writer to write on are:











10And many others not specified

How do you earn on Smashoid?

Once you have created an account on Smashoid or for greater flexibility, download the Smashoid application on the google play store, start writing and publishing your articles, you can start earning. Smashoid paid per 1000 views on any article published by you that was accepted by the smashiod reviewer team. You can start earning within 24 hours. Smashoid also gives you the legal right to publish your articles on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and many others to increase your number of views and get faster earnings. One good news for you is that Smashoid is international, your articles are published on Google which is worldwide; the highest search engine. This means you can have 100 views within 30 minutes of the publication of your work on Smashoid. Below is an incomplete graph on how Smashoid pays per country:

For more details, when you log in to the Smashoid platform as a registered user, go to the home tab, in the home tap, click the top search bar, once it is open, go to the lowest bottom and click write and get paid. Scroll down read everything about how Smashoid paid for your articles per country. You can also check my next articles on “how to start earning by writing articles on Smashoid.


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