Which AirPods should I choose: regular or Pro?

One of Apple's latest innovations to improve the quality of everyday life is the AirPods wireless headphones. This multifunctional full-featured device allows you to make the use of your smartphone much more effective. Today, consumers from Ukraine have the opportunity to buy AirPods of the second generation and Pro at the online store of electronics "iPartner".

These devices will be appreciated by those who have already used EarPods, as well as those who want to have the perfect device for the Apple ecosystem. They will give comfort and good mood to athletes and motorists. Having information about the features of each model of the EarPods, it will be easier to figure out which device will be best for each particular gadget user.

Comparative characteristics of accessories according to the most important parameters

Accessories differ in some respects. Let's look at the main ones.

Noise reduction

One of the most important indicators of the comfort of this type of device is how it sits in your ears. Regular AirPods do not cover the entire ear. This is a "plus" when there is a need to hear sounds around you. The "minus" will be that the sound from the headphones is drowned out by external noise. This negatively affects its quality. To improve the sound from the headphones, you have to increase the volume. If it exceeds the level of 85 dB, it can cause damage to your hearing over time.

AirPods Pro features ear cushions with a set of S, M, and L ear pads that act as external noise suppressors. This allows for comfortable listening without increasing the volume in noisy places. In addition, the resulting acoustic chamber between the ear and the earpiece improves sound quality.


Since the headphones are often used during physical activity, their protection from water and sweat plays an important role. AirPods are not certified in this area. Even drops of sweat on the device can sometimes cause a short circuit and cause the headphones to malfunction. Their modified "brother" Pro has a certificate of protection IPX4, which means that he is not afraid of a splash of water, no matter what side they fall. In addition, the products of the new version are much less likely to fall out of your ears while exercising.


The old version is controlled by pressing on the body of the device on its outer side. The new version has indentations on the handle with sensors. They respond differently to long and short presses. Both models:

can be configured from a smartphone (Bluetooth section);

automatically recognize the absence of the earpiece in one ear (AirPods with Android do not have this feature).

When a second item is inserted, playback automatically resumes. The recognition function can be disabled if desired.


To charge the headphones, all you have to do is put them in the included case. The case itself can be charged wired or wirelessly. In the first case, it is done with a Lightning cable, and in the second case - with the use of a special wireless charging case that supports the Qi standard.


This element in both models is of high quality. And even if small, there is still an advantage in the voice transmission of the microphone installed on the AirPods Pro.

Run time without recharging

Testing at 75 decibels showed these results: The AirPods 2 lasted 4.1 hours, while the AirPods Pro, with noise cancellation enabled, lasted 5.1 hours. A 15-minute charge on the regular AirPods gave it three hours of use. And the Pro charged in five minutes was able to run for one hour.

Siri support

To call this voice assistant it is enough to easily tap twice on the earpiece of both models and voice the necessary command. The same actions allow:

reject or accept the call;

pause the music;

adjust the sound volume.

This voice assistant in Apple's ecosystem is capable of performing its assigned functions even in a very noisy place.


You can't buy either device cheaply. The approximate cost of second-generation AirPods with a wireless charging case is about $200, and AirPods Pro is $250. But if you compare it with the prices of similar headsets from other manufacturers, it turns out that it is not even inexpensive.


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