Which are the 10 top jobs in the US right now?

The technology sector has experienced unprecedented growth. With the world going digital, and the demands of working through a pandemic, the demand for technology is only going up. As a result, jobs in this sector are plentiful in any country, with high pay, rapid job growth, and the ability to work remotely.


Take a look at the top 10 tech jobs available in the United States, as ranked by U.S. News 2021 Best Jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided the data.

1. Software Designer or Devoloper

Aspiring software developers typically attend college and obtain a bachelor's degree in computer science. You could work for a company that publishes software or builds computer systems in this well-paying position.


Average Annual Salary: $107,510; Expected Job Demand: 21.5%

2. Scientist of Data

Data scientists must interpret all of the research that a company, university, or other entity gathers in order to make some groundbreaking discoveries. It is a position that necessitates knowledge of computer programming as well as mathematical reasoning. A data scientist explains the significance of all the facts in a report using various tools.


Average Annual Salary: $94,280; Expected Job Demand: 30.9%

3.Manager of Information Technology

It pays well because managing information technology is critical for many responsibilities, particularly in larger firms that manage a large amount of data. You are the one in your position who makes major technological decisions for your employer.


Average annual salary: $146,360;

Job Demand Expected: 10.4%

4.Analyst for Information Security

An information security analyst protects the employer's information systems from hackers and cyber-attacks rather than spending hours on your feet following the rare criminal.


Average Annual Salary: $99,730;

Job Demand Expected: 31.2%

5.Computer Network Designer

The digital world is created, built, and maintained by computer network architects. This position necessitates a high level of technical expertise in order to construct numerous data communication networks, including cloud infrastructures and smaller intranets.


Average Annual Salary: $112,690;

Job Demand Expected: 5%

6.Administrator of a database

Database administrators manage a company's database on the digital side of the office. You must have a bachelor's degree, preferably in computer science or information technology, to be considered for this position.


Average Annual Salary: $93,750;

Job Demand Expected: 9.7%

7.Web Designer

Web developers create one-of-a-kind websites. If you have the ability to create websites, you may be able to start a web design firm without a degree, as this job is frequently done as a freelancer. It's a job that requires extensive training or, at the very least, ongoing education and an understanding of technology.


Average Annual Salary: $73,760;

Job Demand Expected: 8%

8.Administrator of Computer Systems

A computer systems administrator instals and maintains the computer servers of a firm or company. This specialist also looks after the company's local and wide-area networks.


Average Annual Salary: $83,510;

Job Demand Expected: 4.3%

9.Specialist in Computer Support

As a computer support specialist, you may assist many agitated people in person or over the phone, depending on where you work. Maybe you work in a call centre. It is a difficult task, but from an office, you can assist every member or employee of a large organisation.


Average Annual Salary: $52,270;

Job Demand Expected: 8%

10.Programmer of computers

Computer programmers must be fluent in multiple programming languages. It is a highly skilled profession with a good salary. Many programmers work independently or remotely.


Average Annual Salary: $86,550;

Job Demand Expected: -9.4%


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