Which are the top secret website for students?

Students are bored during this pandemic, so now is the time to learn some skills and learn about the Top 10 SECRET Websites for Students that work for them. These website will help students a lot to learn something new. 



Link: https://scholar.google.com


When students search for something on Google, they often get the message "no matched queries found." In this case, Google Scholar can assist you in finding the exact question or text that students are looking for. Google Scholar is a free web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature published in a variety of formats and disciplines.


It is extremely useful for research or any other type of literature knowledge.



Link: https://www.wolframalpha.com/


Wolframalpha.com is another excellent resource for students. It not only answers math questions, but also answers questions in other categories such as chemistry, physics, and much more. Students can find answers quickly using this website.


WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine or answer engine created by WolframAlpha LLC, a Wolfram Research subsidiary.


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Life on Mars: how we will create breathable air on Mars?


How Nasa spacecraft smashes into asteroid in first planetary defense test?


what will be the future of automation robots are coming but they won't take your job?


what is sky cruise hotel and is it the future of aeroplane?



Link: https://www.duolingo.com/


If you're bored, it's time to learn some new skills and knowledge. Using this popular website, students can learn the languages of various countries. Many students want to study abroad and work abroad, but they must first learn the language so that they can communicate effectively with others.


Duolingo is a language-learning website and mobile app in the United States, as well as a digital language proficiency assessment exam. The company operates on a freemium model, with the app and website available for free, but Duolingo also offers a premium service for a fee.



Link: https://www.accountkiller.com/


If you are tired of receiving social media notifications, you should delete your account if you are not using it. But how do you do it? To quickly delete your account, simply follow the instructions provided on this website.



Link: https://www.ratatype.com/


Another fantastic website for improving your typing speed and skill. We all know that we live in a digital age where typing is extremely important. Typing should be a requirement for students who want to work part-time or even full-time.


Log In to create an account and track your progress.



Link: https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/


The Student Room Group is a privately held student community company based in the United Kingdom. Use this website to contact a consulting team about a career.



Link: https://www.noisli.com/


If you can't concentrate on your studies, use this website, which has raining sounds, thunder sounds, and other sounds to help you focus.


8. RO.ME

Link: http://www.ro.me/


This is a 3D dream website where you can view various creative film scenes and unwind after a long day of work. The cursor in the film can be moved in different directions.




At the moment, these websites offer free courses. But I'm not sure if they'll keep it free or charge you. So you have options.






  • BookBoon
  • OpenStax
  • Open Textbook Library
  • Saylor Academy
  • Intech Open


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