Which blood type is most at risk

The blood group with the strongest immunity was named


Carriers of this blood group are the most protected against external attacks of various viruses and infections.


Studies of scientists from different countries, once summarized in a single report for the World Health Organization, put people with the fourth blood group at the top of the list of the strongest immunity.


According to the results of numerous experiments, more than ninety-two percent of such citizens, regardless of gender and age, have an increased ability to produce the so-called interferon protein.


This protein is a kind of barrier, a reliable firn barrier for the virus trying to enter the human body.


Almost as strong immunity have the owners of the third blood group with a rate of ninety-one percent of people whose bodies are also able to secrete interferon in emergency situations.


The situation with the first blood group is somewhat more modest. Only eighty percent of the owners of this group are reliably protected against viral attacks by secreting the necessary protein.


But the carriers of the second blood group do not do well at all. Their performance in the ranking is the lowest. According to studies, the body of only forty people out of a hundred is able to fight viral infections on its own.


So, with the change of seasons, the onset of autumn, the spread of any epidemics, the owners of blood group two are more at risk of getting sick than the others.

This means that they need to take care of themselves more thoroughly - to dress for the weather, take vitamins, eat right, and so on and so forth.


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