Who Knows Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is a temple located in Indonesia. A building that has been abandoned for so long. This building uses the full Buddhist structure. It is clear that there are large statues standing firmly as a form of worship. And also have carvings that are characteristic of Buddhists. Which exist around the temple. Which of course has its own meaning. This temple holds a lot of mysteries. And researchers are still digging for information about it. Since it was first established by the ancient Mataram kingdom. Or exactly Syailendra dynasty. Borobudur Temple has become the center of attention. That's why his notes are so valuable. This temple has been included in the 7 wonders of the world. This is because the architecture is so unique. So we will think it is not a human maker. Because technology is still very limited. Behind the magnificent Borobudur Temple there are several objects that were accidentally found there. Maybe these objects have something to do with the origin of the Borobudur Temple. Here are the names of the objects found :

1. Kris

Kris is a typical ancient weapon whose metal is bent in a zigzag shape. Like a small knife. Believed to have supernatural powers. Found by researchers inside the stupa of Borobudur Temple. Where the stupa is the designation for the roof of the Buddhist temple in the shape of an inverted bowl.

2. Inscription

A collection of inscriptions written on stone like tombstones that tell a little about the kingdom. Where written in the original language at that time. Among them is the Tri Tepusan inscription or another name for Sri Kahulunan.

3. Pottery

Equipment made of burnt dry clay. Like bowls and teapots. Its existence is right on the southwest slope of the Borobudur hill.

The objects above need to be explored further. Because surely many things about Borobudur Temple will be revealed. Many say that this temple has something to do with the famous African architecture Gunadarma. As long as this temple has not collapsed. We have to take good care of it. Not many people can afford to build a building like this. If there is time. There is nothing wrong with you visiting there.


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