Who lives in a pearl, and why oysters spend many years creating them

Pearls are one of the most popular and valuable natural materials. Many women like to adorn themselves with pearl earrings and rings, but few wonder where pearls come from and how they are born. We will reveal to you all the secrets of the "pearl world". Let's start with the fact that pearls are a gift of the sea. He is born in water and comes out of it as Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty in Greek mythology. Many peoples of the world had their own legends and legends, which praised pearls, their beauty, elegance and value. Before people figured out how to cut diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones, pearls did not require processing at all and were considered the most expensive material for jewelry. French queens, Chinese princesses and a couple of Slavic princesses could afford this wealth. Although in recent sable fur was valued more. Nowadays, many ladies have natural pearls who breathe unevenly to the elegant style a la Audrey Hepburn, but are all pearls natural? Only in units. What's the difference? First, pearls grow in oysters. These clams resemble those served in restaurants with five stars on the logo, but slightly different. In fact, none of the edible oysters can create pearls, so "do not worry" if the next time you order a dozen delicacies, you will not be lucky again and you will not find a single pearl. Second, there are no more than 5 species of oysters in the world that can create seafood such as pearls, and 97% of these jewelry workers live on specialized farms built by humans. It is the pearls from these farms that adorn the windows of jewelry stores. They are also considered natural, because they are grown in the sea, but not in a natural way, as people put their hand to it. Due to too active fishing in the old days, when thousands of people smashed mother-of-pearl shells in search of at least one worthy pearl, oysters became less and less. At present, according to marine biologists, only 3% of oysters can give natural pearls. Therefore, such pearls are extremely difficult to obtain and they are very expensive. But the main secret of the world of pearls is how they are born. Few people would dare to wear this jewelry, they know the truth before buying another necklace with "white peas". The whole thing lies in parasites. In nature, they penetrate themselves, and on farms are planted by workers. It takes at least one parasite to get inside the shell, as the oyster begins to resist it, to defend itself. She has no arms or legs to drive out an uninvited guest, but she has mother-of-pearl, a dense substance that envelops the parasite and deprives it of its ability to harm. Mother of pearl wraps the pest layer by layer, and so the pearl appears. One pearl oyster can spend from one year to six years in fresh water and twice as much in salt water. Therefore, inside each pearl has its own "living soul". But are you ready to wear parasites around your neck? On the other hand, what a world without whims! By the way, the oldest pearl, 8000 years old, was found in the UAE.


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