Who's richer, Sony game or apple App Store

The litigation between Epic Games and Apple has shed light on numerous details of the Cupertino company's behind-the-scenes operations. Thanks to a huge number of documents presented in court, it was discovered that Apple's profits from games exceed the revenues of the largest gaming companies.


The American newspaper Wall Street Journal writes that in fiscal year 2019, the Cupertino technology giant earned around $8.5 billion from games - 2 billion more than Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard combined. Apple was able to get this amount thanks to a 30% commission on each purchase from the App Store.


Sensor Tower estimates that the iPhone maker's revenue from the App Store in fiscal year 2019 was $15.9 billion, which turns out 69 percent of all profits came from games. Based on court documents, App Store operating profits reached $12.3 billion in the same year.


Regardless of how the breakdown occurs, the numbers show that Apple has serious weight in the industry, outpacing the companies that are synonymous with video games in terms of revenue.


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