Who Still Use Microsoft Office

We know Microsoft Office as a tool that people can use to complete various files. Employees, Students, Teachers, Lecturers, and even Freelancers use Microsoft Office. Anyone must know some parts of Microsoft Office, namely Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft One Note. Without all this some computer work cannot be done. People definitely know which forms are the result of Microsoft Office such as Newspapers, Licensing Documents, Financial Statistics, Sales Profits, Screen Presentations, Short Memos, and Personal Diaries. Each person must have their own goals when using Microsoft Office. Bill Gates as the creator of Microsoft Office has really provided useful tools for various needs.

Each Microsoft Office has a function. Here are the functions that some parts of Microsoft Office have :

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is useful for creating various kinds of text-based computer documents. With various features such as Adjusting the line layout of a number of words in the document by changing the position of the text, Changing the size of the word whether large or small in the document wherever the text is, and Adjusting the form of writing words in the document when you want to write text with various styles.

2. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is useful for creating various types of column-based computer data. With various features such as separating data forms with columns according to the desired size, Marking data that is important in columns with labels, and moving data simultaneously from columns to other places.

3. Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is useful for making various kinds of slideshow-based computer presentations. With various features such as changing the presentation style when you want to insert words into the slideshow, Set how long the presentation of a number of words will be displayed in the slideshow, and Inserting special effects presentation effects in the word chart in the slideshow to make it more interesting.

4. Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note is useful for creating various kinds of shape-based notes. With various features such as making a list of notes into a specified form, Strikethrough by handwriting notes in one of the shapes, and making screenshots of notes from ready-made shapes.

And there are many other examples. The presence of Microsoft Office from year to year has developed. At this time there are many additional features that occur in some parts of Microsoft Office. They changed the initial name to a new name based on the year of manufacture :

1. Microsoft Word 2016

- There is a document gallery where People can design their own templates freely. Different from the previous version which does not have features like this.

- Additional Take a tour that will guide anyone to learn some things there. For anyone who is not familiar with Microsoft Word by far. So it's not a problem if you're just starting out for the first time.

- Improved document correction. Makes it able to check errors in more detail. Especially for journalists who require improvement in their work.

- New dubai writing style which people can choose in text mode. Unique enough for anyone who wants to try.

2. Microsoft Excel 2016

- Can edit files simultaneously. So that people don't have to bother dealing with many files at one time.

- Faster data analysis such as for example in calculating numbers, determining sales bases, and adding algorithms. Make it easy for anyone who may be in an urgent situation.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

- Has new graphics like Treemaps, Sunbursts, Histogram and Funnel.  With a much more attractive appearance. This certainly makes people not get bored quickly with the appearance of the old, outdated graphics.

- Improved output video for the better so that it can convert videos with higher resolutions. Allows the image to look clearer.

- There is a presentation share feature that allows anyone to share the results with friends. For example in a work group that requires efficient time. Without having to unplug the flash drive which may take a few minutes. 

Although many software such as Microsoft Office are made such as Libre Office for example. But Microsoft Office is still the flagship for users. Because until now nothing has rivaled the completeness of features in Microsoft Office. More than 50 features are stored in every section of Microsoft Office. That means that if you add up there are more than 200 features there. In contrast to Libre Office, which are fewer in number. even Libre Office doesn't have the exact same components as Microsoft Office. Just like other software, Microsoft Office requires a regular update process every few months. But this update process does not take as long as when you install raw materials. So that its existence provides additional convenience to users. Given that the price is not free alias paid. Approximately 6 million rupiah for premium. Many say that Microsoft Office is not suitable for the poor. Especially for most people in developing countries. But Microsoft Office really has become the only best software of its time.

It used to be before Microsoft Office was formed. People don't have any software to run. Where they are still using the old computer. Then Bill Gates and his colleagues decided to create a new programming language. He named it basic programming. This process takes quite a long time. But finally they managed to create a software. Bill Gate's first time building a company in New Mexico. Precisely in the United States of America. Then over time this company was founded in various places. Until finally Microsoft Office can grow to all corners. Now Bill Gates has made a profit of thousands of trillions. And become the second richest person in the world

Microsoft Office, apart from being a computer, can also be used for tablets, mobile phones, and Macs. Where each runs on a different operating system. Like Linux, Android, IOS, and so on. This is because Microsoft Office has sufficient compatibility. Even so, the higher the development of Microsoft Office, the higher the CPU usage used. CPU or short for control processor unit is the center of all output. Only a high quality CPU can run heavy software. So computers with low specifications will certainly run the latest release of Microsoft Office slowly. So not everyone can use the updated version of Microsoft Office.

It is possible that in the future there will be something that can replace Microsoft Office. Given the number of companies that continue to innovate. Plus the proliferation of programming languages ​​such as Java, C++, Pascal, and Ruby. Perhaps the presence of Microsoft Office has answered people's questions about how office tasks are completed simultaneously. So that makes people's work easier.


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