Who won the top TV show of the year at the Emmys?

On September 19, the 73rd Emmy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles.

The award was given to series released between June 1, 2020, and May 31, 2021. The event was held in a chamber format - in 2021, the number of guests invited by each nominee was limited to just four people. At the same time, award attendees were required to provide certificates of vaccination and a recent negative test for coronavirus. The 73rd Emmy ceremony was hosted by Cedric Antonio Kyles, a black actor and comedian nicknamed The Entertainer.

Best TV Series of the Year: "The Queen's Turn".

The 1983 Netflix adaptation of the novel of the same name by American writer Walter Tevis about the chess genius Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) won the most prestigious category "Best Mini-Series. The show previously became the streaming service's highest-rated original project ever, having been watched by more than 62 million users in the month since its release, and was one of Netflix's top 10 most watched projects in 92 countries, topping 63. The series received rave reviews from critics and was praised by professional chess players, who declared "The Queen's Turn" the first quality sports drama about chess in a long time.


The main action of the series is set in the 1960s. Beth Harmon, who since childhood has discovered a taste and ability to play chess, becomes a national, and then the world sensation, beating eminent grandmasters in various competitions and tournaments. At the same time, the heroine is struggling with alcohol addiction and trying to get off tranquilizers, which she was hooked on at an early age in an orphanage. Her main opponent is a Soviet grandmaster, with whom Harmon is fighting for the title of world champion.


The favorite award for the number of statuettes was "The Crown".

The historical series from Netflix about the life of the British royal family won the award in the category "Best Drama Series", and also won in six other categories. "The Crown" actors Josh O'Connor and Olivia Colman were named Best Actors in a Drama Series for their roles as Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II, respectively. Tobias Menzies, who played Prince Philip, and Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher received awards for best supporting actor in a drama series. Jessica Hobbs took home the statuette for Best Director in a Drama Series for the episode "The War," the same series that won the award for Best Screenplay.


The Crown series has four seasons, covering different episodes in the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The first part, released in 2016, was set in the late 1940s and early 1950s, with Claire Foy playing the royal in it (and in the second season, which ended on the events of 1964). Coleman played the role of the queen in seasons three and four, spanning from 1964 to 1991.

The favorite award for the number of statuettes was "The Crown".

Given the technical categories whose winners were announced a week earlier at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, "The Crown" and "The Queen's Walk" shared the title of favorite - each series won 11 awards.

The comedy show of the year is "Ted Lasso."

The Apple TV+ project tells the story of a good-natured and simple-minded American soccer coach, Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), who travels to Great Britain to coach a European soccer team. The show runs for two seasons. Sudeikis also won the award for Best Comedy Actor. Jean Smart won Best Comedy Actress for her role as Las Vegas stand-up star Deborah Vance on the series "Tricks." The HBO show Max also won statuettes for Best Director of a Comedy Show and Best Comedy Script for the episode There Is No Line.Kate Winslet and Ewan McGregor named best actors in a mini-series

Winslet won the award for her starring role in the HBO detective series "Mair of Easttown." She played a police sergeant who investigates the murders and disappearances of girls in the small town of Easttown, Pennsylvania. McGregor was honored for the title role in the Netflix show "Halston," based on the biography of American fashion designer Roy Halston.

SNL and Last Week Tonight have been named top entertainment television shows

NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) evening musical-humor show won the statuette for best sketch show. HBO's news and entertainment show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver was named best talk show of the year. It also won the award for best script.

Netflix is the leader in wins among streaming services

With 129 Emmy nominations (considering the technical categories of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, whose winners were announced a week earlier), Netflix won in 44 categories. HBO Television and the HBO Max service, represented in 130 categories, picked up statuettes in just 19. Disney+ won 14 of the 71 categories, taking third place.

After the Emmy Awards were accused of racism

While 44 percent of the nominees for the various acting awards were from ethnic minorities, white celebrities won in all 12 categories for first- and supporting artists. Dissatisfied with this arrangement, critics of the awards launched a #EmmysSoWhite Twitter campaign similar to the #OscarsSoWhite protests that erupted in 2016 following the Oscars. Many internet users were outraged that actor Michael Kenneth Williams ("The Wire," "When They See Us," "12 Years a Slave"), who passed away on September 6, did not receive any posthumous awards.

At the same time, for the first time in history, awards in two director's categories - best comedy and drama series - went to women, Jessica Hobbs for "The Crown" and Lucia Agnello for "Tricks.


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