Whose BMW Three can boast luminous "nostrils"?

The compact Bavarian sedan received the same spectacular option, as in the "Five" and crossover X6. But it is only available to a narrow range of customers
The name BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine is hardly familiar to you, as well as to admirers of the brand in Europe, and also in the USA. The matter is that so designate the new long wheelbase four-door for the Indian market, made in Chennai.

The luxury variant of the compact sedan has just gone on sale in India with a choice of gasoline and diesel engines. And to celebrate the launch of the novelty, the local BMW branch has offered customers its special edition Iconic Edition.

In addition to the many options included in the standard equipment of the limited edition four-door, including leather interior black or cognac color, parking assistant, wireless charging for smartphone and panoramic sunroof, there is one really rare - glowing "nostrils" of the grille. Prior to the special "three", only BMW 5-Series and X6 crossover could boast with them.


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