Why Afghan Women Took To The Streets Of Herat

Acccording to reports,Afghan women took to the streets of Western city of Herat on Thursday to make their voices heard by the new Taliban authorities.

The reasons why the women decided to hit the streets was to show their relevance in the society.

Among other things,the women are demanding for freedom to go to school,work, pursue relevant career and place in government cabinet.

This however came as the Taliban are planning to announce a new government cabinet on Friday.

It would be recalled that the Taliban drove out the previous government led by Ashraf Ghani in August.

In the previous Taliban led government from 1996-2001,women were totally restricted and relegated to the background in Afghanistan.

They were forced by the then Taliban government to wear burqas, restricted from attending schools, shut down schools. 

They prevented women from working and attending social gathering in company of a man.

Hash punishment were handed down to any woman that went against the rules-from flogging to stoning.

Acccording to the women who took to the streets to prevent the reintroduction of the hash rules,they said that the group had not changed and they are already seeing signs of drastic rules against women coming in their unguided utterances since take over power.

However,the women decided to make their demand known after trying for several days to meet the officials without success.

The women holding banners and posters with various inscriptions like,"No government is stable without the support of women",were guarded by armed militants.

Acccording to reports,the Taliban had given assurance that women will be allowed to work and pursue education in line with Sharia law.


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