Why an intelligent person decreases his social circle over the years

The point is that an intelligent person experiences loneliness not when he is alone, but when there is no one to talk to. That is, he does not care about the immediate presence of a person if there is nothing to talk to him about.


Therefore, an intelligent person can calmly give up on a person at a moment when there are no more topics for communication. And this happens most often because an intelligent person develops faster than others. For example, when he is still a child, the differences will be minimal. Yes, they will be, but there is still a common language with others.


But the years go by, and every year the gap from those around him is getting bigger. Even close friends may be around. But then work, family, and friends get sucked in as well. There is no time to maintain their development. And a smart person always finds time for that.


That's why best friends and even family can fall away from the environment. There are no more people with whom you had common interests, common topics for conversation.


But someone will say, "it is better to be with someone than alone. Smart people, for the most part, don't think so. They are quite self-sufficient people. They are interested in being alone with themselves. They will always find something interesting to do.


So it is not difficult for them to cross people out of their environment. In fact, even smart people don't always do that. Sometimes it's the people around them who leave. After all, smart people are not particularly liked. They like average people.


An intelligent person seems to be something different. That is why they may turn away from him. This is what happens in the course of life. First there are twenty people around, then ten, then five. 

And it's good if in the end there are a couple of people left. That's luck, I think. But the smarter a person is, the faster his social circle will diminish over the years.


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