Why and how to get out of your personal comfort zone

1. Take the challenge of being surrounded by strangers

An interview for a new job, rafting on a river, hiking with a tourist group - plunge into any situation where there is a struggle, a competition. And there shouldn't be any close, familiar people around. Realize that people can be trusted, and help always comes, even if you do not count on it.


I rushed to travel, no money, only a little knowledge of English.

2. Invest in yourself.

The best thing you can think of is education. Sign up for training or courses, buy a good laptop or smartphone. If you've never been abroad, make sure you get a passport. Just let you have one.


3. Set concrete goals.

Set strict deadlines. Start a blog and voice your intentions in front of an audience. That way you won't have a chance to "sneak" out of your goals. For example: gather a thousand subscribers by the end of the month, buy a car by December 25, register IE in five days. Will you cheat, to draw yourself easy tasks - please. This is your life and your zone. How long to sit in it, you also decide.


Between the zone of personal comfort and critical stress is precisely the area of development. But you will never know the limits of your limit, as long as you sit within the framework of habitual actions worked out to automatism.

After all, I also have my own comfort zone, with one difference: comfort for millions or 50 thousand rubles a month. And I have not yet reached my limit.


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