Why Antarctica has become a no-fly zone

1. Features of the mainland


Indeed, military aviation in Antarctica is banned. But airplanes are no exception. Military equipment of all types, for example, submarines and ships, also fall under this rule.

In 1959 Antarctica became a demilitarized zone. At this time, an agreement was drawn up between the powers, according to which the mainland would be used exclusively for scientific and research peaceful purposes. In addition, the powers also abandoned their claims to this territory.


As far as civil aviation is concerned, the situation here is ambiguous. This airspace is not officially closed, but all airlines are trying to bypass it. It's all about security. There is only ocean around Antarctica, and on the mainland itself there are no runways. If suddenly the plane in a difficult situation has to land, then there is simply nowhere to do it.


Theoretically, the runway could be built. But it would be too expensive for entrepreneurs to maintain it. Life in this part of the world is very difficult, civilization is too far away.


Nevertheless, a number of airlines from Chile, New Zealand, Argentina and Australia make sightseeing flights over the mainland. Few can afford such an excursion. The lowest cost is 4,000,000 rubles. from one person.

2. Regions where flights are not allowed


Regular air flights are absent not only over this continent. For example, civil aircraft also do not fly over Tibet. Here, the average altitude of the mountain peaks is more than six thousand meters. There is always the possibility that the cabin of the aircraft will depressurize. In such a situation, the aircraft must descend, drop the flight altitude to three thousand meters. But here such a possibility is excluded.


The North Pole of the Earth is also included in the list of closed air zones. The magnetic field adversely affects the functioning of all navigation devices. Plus, the ozone layer in this place is very depleted, and the level of radiation is increased.


Also, secret military facilities of various states are closed. Pilots bypass "hot spots" too, which is associated with a huge risk for passengers. These include Libya, Syria, Northern Iraq, Somalia. China has banned flights over the Senkaku archipelago. This area is controversial. Now a fight is being waged for it with Taiwan and Japan.


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