Why Capricorns are so mean, and how to live with it

Well, here we go - Capricorns are offended, they are silent, and they stop paying attention to us. And we don't even know what we are guilty of. It's not easy to get Saturn's pet peeves stirred up - Capricorns have turned on total ignorance. Why are the earth guys so mean, and what are the people around them to do?

The Fault in the element of the Earth

The element of the Earth has endowed Capricorns with not only useful but also unpleasant qualities. Capricorns are stubborn and unyielding - if they get something into their head, it is impossible to change their mind. And don't try to change their mind, pretend that you are excited about the decisions you have made and be patient. When Capricorns realize that no one is arguing with them, they will calm down and be ready for a dialogue.

The Fault in Saturn  

The patron planet gave Capricorns a lot of talents, among which sangfroid is in the first place. The editors of uznayvse.ru note that Capricorns take pride in their equanimity and often go over the top. "Capricorn, let's go outside and wait out the earthquake!" you yell, but the Earth sign sits proudly on the couch and doesn't even tremble with fear. It's not being mean, it's knowing how to stay calm. Don't fight it, but sit next to it - and Capricorn will surely save you. 

The Fault in Winter 

Capricorns are harmful because they were born in the cold season. They hide in their cozy snowdrift and freeze all feelings. And it's not pity, it's just a normal self-preservation instinct. Warm Capricorns with warmth and tenderness, and you will be reciprocated.

The Fault in the world

Capricorns are simply protecting themselves from the injustices of the world. They always expect people and fate to catch them off guard, which is why they behave strangely. They trust no one and only allow the chosen few into their lives. Are you not among the lucky ones? Work on yourself and prove to Capricorns that you are worthy. Gradually, Saturn's wards will relax, soften up, and realize that you're on their side.

Remaking Capricorns is possible, but not necessary. If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to live with earthy creatures under the same roof, you don't have to fight them. Accept Capricorns for who they are, and see their earthy nastiness not as a flaw, but as a nice weakness.


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