Why Children don't love to read history

Why Children dont love to read History ? 

In this modern age , Many children are there , who dont love to read history at all. The main reason behind this is " The dates " . Now , History is incomplete without dates . Because Dates are the important element of History . But that also does not means that " Dates " are only the main thing in History . But " Dates " are important .

What is History ? 

"HISTORY" Is the definitions of the past stories which happened on  permanent days. Now , " History" word can be differentiated as " Hi" and " Story " . Its means that saying " Hi " to stories. And it depicts what " History " actually means . Its contains all about the past stories happened earlier in a specific area and on a specific date. 

Main Reason to not like History along children nad also parents .

We all know that , In History , we never get Full marks . Beacuse its a feature in History . And also students have to write the answers very big in History . Also as they cant get the full marks , the Parents also dont love the subject and if any child wants to read about history after giving 10th board , they forced that child to get In " Science " . As in science we can get full marks. 

In modern Genretion , the marks became very important . But we are forgetting , that marks is not the whole thing in life . Life is big and wide , and we should enjoy the life. Now the children used to choose their subjects , not by checking whether they live that subject , they get in touch with subjects by seeing the high score . And also of the parents do that . So according to me , Choose ypur subject by seeing whether you love that subjct from whole of your heart , not by seeing , that how much , you can score in that subject . You must be aware of that .

Now adays , In history , we can write the lines by points and the writing , of how much is the length does not matters . But you need to write the points correctly and logically , and which should be based on the authentic facts . Otherwise , The marks can be deducted and about history , you cant get full marks but in this modern education , you can get "99" out of 100 in History . 


Why History also depends upon Geography and why dates are important ? 

History also depends on the Geography , but how ? 

Is we travel an area , far from our country , then there a tourist guide is always to provide the information about that place . As the place is not familiar to you and also tells the important past stories , about that place , which is indeed to know ,the geographical area and its history . And to know a country or where you go , its important to know about that place , and its history . From this thing , I hope that you are able to know that how the geographical area on thus earth is interrelated with its history or with the History .

Dates are the crucial elements in the History . It may be a fun fact , but , we need to know the dates specially , becaue we can celebrate that day afterwards , in this generation , rhat event can be good or sad . For example , we celebrate the " 15th August " as India's Independence day , because in History , we know that on 15 Th August 1947 , we got independence , from the British . Likewise , many dates are there written in the pages of history , on which dates many special events have occured and we used to celebrate those days . So its important to know the dates of them .



Students can fall in love with History . But How ? For scoring good marks , you must fall in love with History  . And to fall in love with History , You can imagine it and make characters and read it like yourself 


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