Why do dogs and cats fight ?

Why do dogs and cats fight ??

Dogs and cats fighting is not an uncommon sight because they come from different species , a cat cannot tolerate a dog's goofy and playful attitude while a dog cannot stand a cat's royal behaviour. There are certainfactors that play a big part in the enmity between dogs and cats.

1.Reason of their enmity.

Since dogs and cats  come from different species their dislike for each other runs in their blood. Dogsand cats both have an inherent animosity towards each other. They will fight until one or the other succumbs or retreats. Dogs and cats living together under the same roof will compete for food , territorialdominance and attention from it's owner.

2.The onset of enmity between dogs and cats.

The mutual hatred of dogs and cats dates back to when man first started domesticating dogs and cats. Cat's domesticated themselves in the homes of humans while maintaining their ' big cat' like qualities. This posed a threat to dogs as their territory and attention from owners were directed to other species.


It is common knowledge that dogs are descendants from wolves while cats come from the big cat family. As descendants of the wolves dogs possess pack instincts when it comes to food. Meanwhile cats are descendants from the 'big cat' relatives like the tiger and the lion who are more of solo predators. When it comes to food cats are more wary but may not have the will to back down once it makes up it's mind not to run away.

4.Difference in signals and gestures.

Dogs and cats do not do very well with first impressions as their behaviours and signals are different from one another. For instance a dog wagging it's tail indicate that it is happy and pleased. On the contrary a cat wagging it's tail will only mean that it is either annoyed or displeased.

5.Similarities in innate behaviour.

Dogs and cats may belong to different species but in the wild they possess striking similarities to one another. Both species are known to stand up for fights and never back down. Likewise they are aggressive when it comes to defending their young ones their food and their pack. Both species belong to packs in the wild.

     When it comes to the dog-cat relationship the dog is often the mild one while the cat is the snappy one. Dogs have more seniority over cats when it comes to be domesticated. They are easily trainable making it easy to keep their wild behaviour under control to some extent. Cats on the other hand are more detached and distant and are not as easily trained as dogs. This is why a cat may be more hostile when it comes to behaviour.  Both cats and dogs possess an innate instinct to chase smaller animals and in this case the cat is similar to prey while the dog is the predator. Although they are natural enemies they can be taught to live together like BFFs .

Terrance - Sep 27, 2022, 9:21 AM - Add Reply

Cats and Dogs are like Twin Flames...complete mirror images of each, they may get on each others nerves, but they really couldn't live without each other. Lol

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