Why are the youth so eager for gaming.

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Well you've been wondering what's so special about gaming, how do people get addicted to it. if you've ever had the same question then this article is just for you.



A gamer's life starts when a guy get's a game for the first time or a Playstation/PC for the first time. but what's so special that it occupies  a warm spot in the player's heart? 

you might get inapproperiate or unsatisfactory answers when you ask this to a gamer. but i'm here to answer this.

So, games have a completely diffrent world from our's. some may be magical or futuristiic some may be medieval  some may be of the current era. the thing that actually attracts gamer's towards itself is the activities that are restricted or impossible for the real world but are possible within the Game's map.

A 12 year old might be eager to win cash, drive around, shoot with real guns or just live in a completely  diffent world. A video game provides him/her wiith all these abilities and hence the one playing it slowly get's addicted to it. the video game takes him/her to a world of their  choice, a land where they can do anything. this might be the man reason why people within ages 12-20 are mostly into Gaming. it might be the reason why they prefer more realistic games and better graphics.

i'll be back soon with another article on this topic or the other.



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