WHY do I need to EAT? WHY Need to Drink?

This answer is obvious to anyone who's skipped breakfast and felt like walking dead for the rest of the day. 

                 Your body is a high performance machine and like any machine it need gas to go. That fuel comes up n the form of nutrients-vitamins minerals, carbohydrates and fat in your food. Through the process of digestion your body turns carbohydrates into energy and proteins into building blocks to help you grow taller, build muscle prevent illness and have healthy hair,teeth and skin. As you'd expect healthy foods make the best fuel, Eat nothing but junk food you'll ruin your engine.

How long could I go without eating?

That depends on many factors. Are you healthy?skinny? will you need to struggle until your next meal or just laze under a palm tree? People have survived more than ten weeks without food but they had  water and didn't need to move around too much. Starvation takes a horrible toll on the body however causing awful symptoms from extreme weakness to hallucinations to spasms. And that's not even counting the pain. Ever forget to pack a lunch? Pangs of starvation are hundreds times worse than those of hunger.

 Why is it so hard to eat one potato chip?

 It's not the potato in the chip that drives your taste buds wild it's the chips salty flavour. Your body craves salt because it needs it to survive. (Salt helps your tissues stay hydrated and serves other vital functions). Too much of a good thing can be bad , however consuming too much salt can lead to heart disease and other health risks. 

Why does junk food taste better than healthy food?

salt isn't the only substance your body craves. The human tongue prefers sweet salty and fatty flavours to the more subtle tastes of veggies whole grains beans and other good for you foods. Sweet fruits and fatty meats pack a lot of energy, which was essential to our ancestors in the age before Twinkies fast food restaurant,and 24 hours convenience stores . Our bodies still crave these high calorie foods (which is why they taste so good ). Companies that make breakfast cereals,potato chips, candy bars,and other junk food are well aware of our cravings and tailor the tastes of their foods to trigger our addiction to sweets salts and fats.


Doctors have a name for that burst of brain pain that comes from gulping a cold treat on hot day"sphenopala tine ganglioneuralgia" The phenomenon is better known as brain freeze or an ice cream headache two names that do a great job of describing exactly what's happening in your head. Your mouth and tongue are loaded with blood vessels,including arteries at the back of the throat that circulate blood straight to  your brain. Chugging an icy treat unleashes a mini-blizzard in your mouth ,so the arteries near your throat constrict to protect your brain from an extreme temperature change. You feel that contraction as a brain freeze. 


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