Why do people get tattoos? To stand out? No, on the contrary

People never want to stand out. For fulfillment, unless it's a disease. 


It's against our nature. And by nature, on the contrary, we want to gather in packs. So why do people stand out after all? Through tattoos, expensive clothes, intelligence, and so on? Why then doesn't everyone just try to be like everyone else? 


The bottom line is that we want to be in the best pack. After all, a person doesn't get a tattoo for nothing. Usually, a person sees cool characters with tattoos on the screen. Perhaps on the street, or in their own company. Imagine this. 


The person has never seen tattoos. And then he sees them on the weakest and silliest person in his circle. He will have no desire to imitate, to do the same. Rather the opposite. 


And when cool heroes have tattoos, when a cool guy from the yard has tattoos, he immediately wants to get one for himself. And, it comes out that a person doesn't want to stand out, he wants to imitate and be in the pack of conventionally cool people. That's the whole reason why people get tattoos, in my opinion. 


Another example with intelligence. If a person is developing, trying to be smart, it doesn't mean they want to stand out. It doesn't mean he wants to be better than others. In that case he is doomed to loneliness. And it is in our nature to be afraid of loneliness. 


One simply wants to belong to another group. That group in which there is Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and other great thinkers. 


Yes, there are other reasons. For example, people under twenty-five have not yet fully formed frontal lobes. And they are responsible for deliberate actions. I mean, people under 25 are more impulsive, they don't think about consequences, so they get tattoos. Remember, adults are less likely to get tattoos.


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