Why do people snore and how loud can snoring get

Interestingly, it has been repeatedly proven that snoring negatively affects the marital relationship by causing irritation to the partner. Snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft palate; most often it is due to difficulty breathing through the nose. Most often a person snores when sleeping on his back, but there are exceptions. The maximum snoring volume that has been recorded by scientists has been as high as 69 decibels. To have something to compare it to, the volume strength of a pneumatic drill reaches 70-90 decibels.


Can snoring be cured? Some say yes. The customs take away illegal methods of snoring treatment every year, but, as the customs officers themselves say, "tested it on themselves, none of them works."

And if without humor, officially medics cure snoring if the problem was a broken bridge of the nose, which made it difficult to breathe and overweight, which puts an increased load on the heart.


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