Why do right and left swap places in reflections in the mirror?

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You have probably noticed, standing in front of the mirror, that the lettering on your T-shirt turns backwards, and the mole on your left cheek shifts to your right cheek. Nevertheless, the bottom remains the bottom and the top remains the top; you only turn from left to right in the mirror, but not from top to bottom. Why does this happen?

The mirror is not a mechanism that switches left and right; it simply reflects the light that falls on it. So why does the image change when the reflected light hits our eye receptors? It doesn't really change, the mirror doesn't reflect from left to right or from top to bottom, but it does reflect "backwards.

It's all about the inertia of our consciousness. If I see a person in front of me, in order to move my body to the same position in space, I have to turn around the vertical axis by 180°.

Now, if I imagine that my mirror double has obtained the same rotation, he will actually raise his left hand when I raise my right hand. But in the mirror, he didn't turn out to be a twist, but a reflection! Our consciousness is leading us by the nose!

Try taking a sign in your right hand that says "Right Hand" and raising it in front of the mirror, your reflection will also raise the sign "Right Hand." So it does raise its right hand, not its left hand as we think, i.e., right and left do not swap places.

If we were fish, which live in a rectangular aquarium, placed vertically on its side, and turn to each other to communicate not on the vertical but on the horizontal axis, the inertia of our consciousness would tell us that the mirror does not change left and right, but top and bottom.


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