Why do stupid women put on makeup before a first date?

Why do stupid women put on makeup before a first date?


I've always been surprised by the flawed female arithmetic of dating...


All the girls I know make the same mistake when going on a date. And they do it regularly, and life doesn't teach them anything. Then they run and complain - I'm all like this, I sit with a shaved bikini zone, in expensive lingerie, and the man does not appreciate! I look at them and wondered. Can't they see it themselves?


I've always been surprised by the flawed female arithmetic of dating. Like this: I, out of the last effort, bought expensive panties and stockings. I spent half the day at the beauty salon. And now you want to fuck me, beautiful, for free. When I hear that, it makes me want to tear up and throw up.


I even saw a detailed arithmetic in rubles. Here is an example of such a calculation, at random.


My powder is so much (1500 rubles, say), lipstick - 100 rubles more expensive, and still a new fragrance perfume (5 600 rubles)!


I, like, and a new underwear every date buying. Gold in lace, from the latest collection (7 000 rubles). More manicure (1000 rubles) + styling (3000 rubles). This is a rough list, he all different.


What's in it for a guy? He took a shower and bought deodorant. Well, paid for dinner 2,000 rubles. So what? I have such expenses. So, the man is already guilty in advance, in advance the consumer, let him pay for me beautiful, but more, more. I'm like that invested!


Now I urge women to look at all their shit costs through the eyes of men. What do men love? I'll tell you what they love.


Men love to see slender legs that give off energy. Not loose jelly, but dense energetic legs, even no matter how much they are in girth. The important thing is not lazy sluggish legs, but the legs of a healthy female who runs well. Dense or thin is a matter of taste.


Men like a thin waist, and maybe a little tummy, but not much at all, so that nothing hangs over the waistband of the skirt. A girl can be subtle and dense, but the waist must definitely be.


Men like a mane of loose falling hair (can be without styling). But also elegant haircut will do.


Also it is worth removing the hair from the legs - in our culture it is considered a mauvais ton.

That's it! That's all a man needs.


Underpants? Golden panties, panties with strings, a bra with a clever clasp, a body, a brooch with feathers? That's your own business. You feel more confident in this form - put it on. But the man put with the device on the cost of your underwear.


Obviously riddled, shabby, granny - will scare away. But the difference between the two hundred ruble panties and panties for 2 thousand rubles, believe me, he will not feel!


Once I read a story about a girl who bought very expensive lingerie gold, from the latest collection. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend. A body, a skirt and something else. When the man saw this splendor, he started laughing. It turned out that the girl reminded him of gymnasts from a circus act he had seen in his childhood.


Do you think how to really surprise him in his underwear? Then take them off at all, it's cheaper.


Understand, he's not happy with your foundation - foundation is very nasty tasting. Nor will he be happy with your hairspray - he wanted to put his nose in it. Lipstick interests him just enough that it doesn't stain him.


Want some advice? You want to really please men on dates - keep your body in shape and wash your head. Shave your legs. And be natural. No one wants more from you. No sacrifices, no one will appreciate them.


Tuned with new disks "kopeck" is still "kopeck". Only with a claim.


Then, if a man has money, of course he will donate to you all sorts of Jimmy Choo, Chanel and jewelry. Maybe even buy an expensive suit from the latest collection of lingerie as a gift. Just to make you feel good. But I don't know a single man who's focused on such little things when dating.


Throwing yourself a ton of money before going out to flirt is disgustingly stupid.

Demanding "spending back" for it is stupidity squared!


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