Why do we Pray?


75% of people never understanding the term Prayer because they were blindfolded with the religious believe concerning the term SIN....Man never seek to understand " the Bible" as set law made by The Kings and Nobles to the Peasants. As to rule the world without hindrance from the Peasants whom they, the (Kings and Nobles)are conscious that they may one day regain consciousness and revolt against them....Back in law, the constitution is made by the upper hands for lower hands to keep...yet they say nobody is above the law when the sin (crimes) they commit is seen as corruption,Imaging...

Prayer originated as a results of fear from the day of Man so called civilization. Man started offering prayers to their Kings and Nobles to forgive them of a sin that they could not be able to keep, not even the Kings and the Nobles could be able to keep. When it affect the Kings and the Nobles, it is tag "Corruption or Embezzlement" but where it affect the Peasants it is tag"Capital offence or Sin" Which the wages it pays is death according to the Bible. No wonder; when the Nobles steal in billions and trillions it is said to be "Corruption" but when Peasants steal handset of five thousand naira it said to attract the immediate death of the Bible, either by fire or by hanging. Hence the prayer is made from the Peasants to the Kings and Nobles(Who are the Gods of wrath) for obtaining mercy and forgiveness of Sin said to be committed by the peasants to the wrath Noble-King-God. # my philosophical


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