Why does the deja vu effect occur?

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Reality is experienced by humans through sensation. Our senses register the impact on themselves, turn it into chemical reactions and electrical impulses, and then this information goes to our brain.

But the brain can be quite compared to an ordinary computer. There is "iron" (living brain cells, united by their functions into departments) and "software", "program" (our consciousness, which processes all incoming information and "sees" it on a kind of internal "monitor").

Just imagine how many sections of the brain must pass through the information from the senses before it is displayed on our "monitor screen"! Dozens of internal "system programs" evaluate the importance of information, its nature, danger, usefulness, and only then show what they think is necessary to our consciousness. It is a complex "biocomputer" that has proved its efficiency by millions of years of successful evolution. But like any computer, our brain sometimes ... glitches!

Something went "wrong", the system failed, and now the brain starts sending information to the consciousness not from its online "video cameras" but from the long-term memory, and it seems to the consciousness that it does not just perceive the current moment, but as if it "recalls" it on the fly. From such unexpectedness, it falls into a slight perplexity and even begins to think that it can predict what will happen in a second or, on the contrary, that the current moment has already happened a long time ago.

Simply put, instead of showing the mind a picture with the note "this is happening now," the brain shows it with the note "this was once upon a time. Emotionally, this can be accompanied by both a panic attack and a feeling that you have gained the gift of foresight.

But no need to worry! Millions of years of evolution have not passed in vain, and our biocomputer quickly detects a failure, correcting the work of systems responsible for perception. And if you are a mentally healthy person, it is unlikely that such a state will last longer than a few seconds and visit you more often than once in several years.


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