Why Don't the Pictures From Space Show the Stars?

Many people wonder why photos from space stations or spacecraft never show stars.

No, we are not deceived - it really is space, and the stars are not visible for a very, as it turns out, simple reason.....


Living on Earth, we are so used to seeing stars in the night sky, even though in space we are sure the sky is always dark like ours at night.




On Earth, the sky is light and bright during the day because of the light scattering in our atmosphere. But in space or, for example, on the moon there is no such atmosphere, and there even in the daytime the sky remains dark. But this does not mean that it is not as "bright" as on our planet. Looking through the window of the space station, the astronauts will see as much sunlight as we will see from the window of our house on the clearest day.


When we want to take a picture on a sunny day, we most often choose the aperture and fast exposure function on the camera. Astronauts or satellites must do the same, in order to photograph bright objects in space.

This is what makes good pictures of the lunar surface or the Earth, but you can't see the stars because they don't emit enough light in space to show up in the pictures. No mysticism, no mystery - simple science.


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