Why everyone is demanding Organic Products?

Everyone is everyone is crazy for organic farming and organic food products because the cultivation of crop is chemical free which is very beneficial for the human health as well as soil . Have you ever wonder the food you eat contain chemicals which were applied to the crops to prevent attack of insect pest and disease in  the field but residue of that chemical still persist on the food item either inside the food or on the pericarp of fruit because the chemical used were systemic in nature (Chemical goes inside plant system) and this thing is causing many diseases and most common among them is Cancer. Cancer in human beings is something which you can hear frequently , someone in your relation or in neighborhood may be a cancer patient it is now a  great concern even the soil condition and ground water (aquifers) are degrading .

For example Punjab ( a state in India) is having a higher no. Of cancer patient because during green revolution (1965-1966) farmers applied fertilizer and  pesticides in excess to gain a higher yield of wheat but presently most of the people there are suffering from cancer just because of that chemical. Government of Punjab have started a train named "Cancer Express" which carry cancer patient for treatment to Rajasthan for free. Now this is a problem of whole world now  it's time to awake and to opt for Organic farming and organic food products in order to live a chemical free life and limiting the use of chemicals, your step matters a lot. Do prefer organically produced Food products to ensure disease free, healthy and long life.

There are many cases regarding the effects of chemical usage which I will tell you in form of stories to better understand benefit of organic farming and drawback of chemical / conventional farming.

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Kanderp Bahuguna is an Agriculturist and an organic farmer having certified organic land in India, have graduation in agriculture and have youtube channel Organic Amulya Nidhi

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