Why has demand for used winter tires suddenly increased by almost 80%?

While prices for new winter tires jumped by 25% before the season began, and a set of such tires on the eve of the cold weather cost more than 44 thousand rubles on average, the market for used seasonal tires showed no less significant growth.


According to the service announcements VKontakte, with the onset of the fall cold weather drivers are looking for used winter tires much more often.


Demand for it at the beginning of October increased by 79%. Due to sub-zero temperatures at night in a number of Russian regions from October 3 to 4 an increase of 25% for seasonal tires was observed.


Traditionally for Russia studded tires are the most popular. This used tire currently accounts for about 65% of all searches on the service. For comparison, when choosing new tires in stores studded tires interest drivers even more often.


Michelin estimates that in the winter segment more than 75% of the Russian market is occupied by studded tires.

On non-spike winter tires, according to the service announcements VKontakte at the beginning of October this year, accounted for about 30% of requests car owners. But the all-season tire, which is labeled "M+S", "All seasons" and is designed for use in a small "minus", now interested in only 5% of drivers.


Compared with September of this year, in October the interest in used winter studded rubber increased 4.5 times, and the interest in nonstudded rubber doubled. And with the advent of autumn car owners have become more interested in the services of seasonal storage tires. Over the past month, demand in VKontakte ads for them increased by 20%.


Against the backdrop of 2020, motorists have become 2.5 times more likely to buy used winter tires. And the peak of requests for ads for their sale on the Internet was on September 19, when the temperature outside the window dropped to +1°C.


Following the rise in car parts prices in 2021, prices for used winter tires have increased by an average of 20%. At the same time, the highest price increase was for studded tires - by about a third. And non-spike winter used tires went up by 10%.


In September, a set of used non-spike winter tires in Adds VKontakte could be purchased for an average of 9500 rubles, compared with 7800 rubles in August. Tire with mileage last month was priced at an average of 9800 rubles per set. The month before that, it would have cost 9100 rubles.


Meanwhile, drivers in many Russian regions, including Moscow, have not yet started shifting their cars into seasonal tires. Moreover, the weather forecasters recommended doing it in the capital only after October 20.


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