Why is gaming a new trend in the New Generation

Gaming is the new trend. It has been continued since many years. Many of us(who are born in 90's) only know games like Mario,Contra,etc.. But the new generation has got a tons of games to choose. From PUBG to FNAF, everbody is just busy in playing games.

While many of us play these games just for enjoyement, some people has made it there profession with the help of platforms like Youtube,Twitch etc. Everybody(especially youth) enjoys playing games. There might be certain "nerds" who dont do these type of things. 

Gaming has it's own pros and cons,everything in the world has them obviously.. OK! so here they are

Pros: It improves our hand-to-head-to-eye coordination. Yes that's something good.. If you are good at Battle Royale Games(Fortnit,PUBG) and are considered as "Pro" or "Hacker" by your freinds then mate, you have a very good control over your body especially your hand. Gaming improves our observation power and analysing strength.

Cons: This para is for parents of gamers. Everything in the world comes with good and bad things. Gaming also has 1. The most important,"EYES".... Yes, my friend if you are a gamer there are 90% chances that you will get spectacles onto you sooon. So play games but not very much.. 

Gaming is a good thing. You can also make your Youtube chanel or stream your gaming live on Twitch. You can earn money... It has become a quite popular profession nowadays and soon I think that there will be gaming in OLYMPICS...



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