Why is s3xicm such an issue in our society??

Now before this discussion let me make a clear understanding about what is s3xicm .

It's the discrimination or prejudice against any gender. Mainly in our society it's against women . This is because women are given a discrimination from the male society. 

But today I would not talk about thecentire society. I would take so important part of the society and I would talk about it .

Today I would like to talk about the film industry and s3xicm. Now we allcread about different topics and vlogs from the internet and I also did my research before writing this blog. What I found that the film industry especially in India do not give a good amount of work to married or aged ladies as compared to men. And if the actress is a mother then her work proposal decreases even more . So this is the way things are going on  .

And many webseries and cinemas are being made with this concept in mind. 

But why this discrimination is the question. Why people do not want to see an aged lady working in fashion or film world but this is not the case with an aged  man? 

This things are very very confusing and also invokes a sense of tension in women minds. They seem to feel completely lost at 40. Not only the film industry, the same thing happens with ladies in  other industries too. 

This odd sense of s3xicm rises in every corner of our society and a lot of discussion and awareness  are being made.

The other day a famous T.V. model have been been pointing on the same issue and have been discussing the same topic and what are her difficulties in working in the field. She also talked about the money offered to men and women in the industry are different. And this type of discrimination of a woman continues in our society. 

Now the question is how to combat with such kind of an issue in the society. 

We are in such a world where both men and women are equally required in the society then why is such biasness for a particular gender and not the other one?? Now that could be the result of the patriarchal society that we have been living in. But in the present or the current generation there should be no discrimination of women getting less paid for the same job that men does. There should also be accepatance of female in working fields even after they are married or having a baby. Its but natural for women to have a family and children same as a man. Then why such discrimination? 

We should understand something that both men and women are equally important in our society. 

And discrimination of one gender can only cause problem and disappointment in the society as a whole because both the genders has to reside in the same society.

So this practical understanding has to be established in all classes of our society. Our society can become richer with this kind of awareness and understanding.


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