why is the mobile legend game loved by many people?

This is the reason why mobile legend games are loved by many people

1.Can Play With Friends (Mabar)

This game provides a feature to play with four friends. The trick is to activate Facebook or e-mail ID in the game so that we can connect with friends who play Mobile Legend. After connecting with each other, we can invite four friends that we choose in a room, once your team is complete, you can compete skills with other teams at random.

2.Easy game control

For novice players, there is no need to worry, because how to play Mobile Legend is very easy and there are many tutorials to play it when you first open the game. The game is considered to be Dota 2 in the mobile version, but is much easier to play. By having a virtual pad feature, players can easily control all the movements of a hero or character. To walk, shoot, hit, issue abilities and other skills.

3.Not Too Big Game Size

The size of the mobile legends game is fairly small. Not as big as other MOBA games which are only about 100 megabytes. Far compared to similar games that can drain the memory capacity of your smartphone card.

4.characters are made from several countries

Various hero characters were created specifically to represent various countries. Such as Bruno from Brazil, Yin Shun Shin from Korea, Kagura from Japan, Chou from China, Lapu-lapu from the Philippines and Gatot Kaca from Indonesia.

5.Nice Graphics

The Mobile Legends game has good graphics in terms of characters, maps, items, skill effects and more. His movements were not stiff when beating the enemy. In addition, the sound effects and notifications during the game are not slow so as to increase the satisfaction while playing.

6.Fair Game

Mobile Legends has a fair game system, one hero cannot kill five enemy heroes at once easily. In Mobile Legends, what is needed is teamwork and strategy. Each hero is made according to a certain role skill with balanced power. So there is no strongest hero, it all depends on team cohesiveness.


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