Why it is not always necessary to buy expensive and promoted brands of household appliances

It's no secret that almost all budget equipment is produced in China at the factories of several concerns. And today one plant on one of its production lines can produce Ariston equipment, and tomorrow, after changeover, Bosh. Moreover, the changeover will consist in changing a small number of elements - you just need to change the front panels of the equipment, and the base and internal filling will remain the same.


So, let's see:


Below in the photo is a microwave oven of the Comfee brand, sold only in Auchan.


If you look carefully at the reverse side, you will notice the location of the mounting screws and ventilation holes..

In the photo with the door open, we note the location and shape of the stiffening rib in the form of the letter T at Comfee


And now let's look at the Sharp brand microwave oven, which costs 800 rubles more and is sold in the same Auchan.


The front panel is richer, as befits a famous brand.


We see that the T-shaped edge is absolutely identical in shape and location.


The air vents are located exactly the same way and have an identical shape to the first model. Comfee also has egg-shaped concavities, you just need to take a closer look. Of course, the screws are also in the same place.

You can say it's a coincidence. Of course, the above evidence at first glance is not enough to prove the identity of the design of two microwaves from Nonane and from a well-known brand. But, believe me, the identity is 100 percent. I judge not only by the above signs, but also by many others that become obvious when carefully examining the models.


Conclusion: sometimes, when buying an expensive and hyped brand, we buy exactly the same filling that is in the cheapest product.


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