Why it's harder for beautiful women to live than for others

The first. It is harder for a beautiful woman to find true love. After all, a large number of men will go solely on appearances. They won't even think about what kind of man is inside. And they'll pretend to be another man in order to please that woman.


So she will live a long life of deceit. Years from now it will become obvious. But the years are already gone. And it can be like this several times. After all, men can behave in such a way that it will be difficult to understand if he really loves or only because of the appearance next to him.


Second. During the school years, it is very easy for beautiful girls. All ready to give in, help and so on. All the boys are spinning around. And it seems like life is perfect. But everything changes when a girl grows up and comes into the adult world.


When jobs aren't just for pretty eyes. When there will be the real world, and a lot of difficulties at a time falls on her shoulders. It is easier for ordinary girls. After all, they are not used to everything being so easy to get. They know that they have to work hard.


Also, a beautiful woman will value her beauty too much. After all, she has received compliments all her life, and she considers it a great value. Consequently, you have to maintain your beauty. And this is not only a lot of money, but also a lot of time.


It makes life more difficult. After all, some beautiful women spend almost all of their free time and money on this. That is, there is no time for anything else. For hobbies, hobbies, even to grow in their careers. It really does make life more complicated.


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