Why Overpay for the Brand? I Assembled a Complete Feeder Set at an Affordable Price and Have Been Successfully Fishing With It on Any River for Two Years Now

Greetings Friends! 

You need a quality set for a comfortable feeder fishing, but it is an expensive pleasure to assemble it. Fortunately, I managed to assemble it at an affordable price and now I will tell you how.

Feeder, tripod, fishing line, hooks and other supplies can be purchased at any fishing store. Boxes for tackle took in Fiksprice and Leroy, but about the feeder, reel and cord will now talk, because it is the most important.

The feeder

Universal model with a test of 40 to 120 grams, which is made entirely of carbon with ceramic rings. The quality of the rod is just a cannon and the weight is only ~ 250 grams.

The only thing you need to choose the length: if standard throws enough 3.6m, but if you want to throw from 70 meters, then 3.9m. Just come with a case and three rods in a tube with different tests.


In my use was a lot of budget coils, of which the highest quality Shimano Sienna and Sharky III. The price is almost the same, but the quality of the Sharky is several times better.

A great reel with a velvet stroke, no backlash, with perfect winding and smooth friction. In general, a couple of years of fishing from it were only positive emotions.


The cord is a product, which should be chosen responsibly, and it is impossible to save money on it. Why? Because cheap braiding has a weak breaking load, it quickly burns out and loses its strength.

I recommend braided cord Onyx from Piscifun. Decent cord with high strength and an affordable price. A 300 meter reel lasts me for several years.


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